Smart Power Pack 1-3 KWh

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Smart Power Pack 1-3 KWh

Height: 36cm

Width: 28cm

Depth: 20cm

Weight: 9kg

A New Portable Design with it's own Backpack and Foldable Solar Panel, Capable of supplying multiple voltages with different output connectors. Bar graph display indicates an accurate estimate of the remaining charge with hard plastic Waterproof Transit Case.


•Modular System

•Input Solar Range up to 23V.

•Max Input Solar Power 30 to 200W -MPPT up to %95 efficiency .

•Max Battery Capacity 1- 3 kWh(Optional).

•Double 12V-DC Cord Out Put up to 10Ax2 5V-DC USB Out Put 1A / 1.5A.

•Highest Quality GB Cell batteries and Li-ion Cells Made in Japan.

•-20°C to 60°C Operating Temp. Range.

•Use of anti-explosion li-ion battery pack.

•Battery Cycle Life 500 up to 10,000 Cycle ( Optional).

•Overload /Overdischarge/Overcharge/ Over temp /Short Circuit Protection.

•Multiple charging options including: Direct Plug-in AC, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Small Generator. and Cabled Vehicles.

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