Smart Solar System 3-6 KWh

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Intelligent Battery Storage 5-10 KWh

Height: 58cm

Width: 55cm

Depth: 45cm

Weight: 40kg

A Hi-tech and Portable Design System that comes with a -7lnch Display Monitor and Android OS for control and adjustment. The System Status Monitor offers a varieties of useful Template Graphs for better understanding of your data as well as a simple menu to save Backups it comes with a hard plastic Waterproof Transit Case.


•Modular System.

•Input Solar Range up to 150V (OCV ).

•Max Input Solar Power 1KW -MPPT up to %95 effetioncy.

•Max Out Put 220V AC Power 3-1 KW inverter ( Optional).

•Max Battery Capacity 6-3 KWh ( Optional)

• -20°C to 60°C Operating Temp. Range.

• Acurate Processing of 1mV per Cell.

• Double 12V-DC Cord Out Put up to 10Ax2

• 5V-DC USB Out Put 1.5A / 2.1A.

• Battery Management System with CAN Support.

• The latest Charge Controller IC and ARM processors.

• Use of anti-explosion li-ion battery pack.

• Battery Cycle Life 500 up to 10,000 Cycle ( Optional).

• Highest Quality GB Cell batteries and Li-ion Cells Made in Japan.

• The ability to connect to device via a LAN connection, Wirelessly they can see each other and could connect and control by master device.

• Multiple Charging options including: Direct Plug-in AC, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Small Generator, and Cabled Vehicles.

• Overload /Overdischarge/Overcharge/ Over temp /Short Circuit Protection

• Including State of Health (SOH) & State of Charge (SOC) System.

• The Intelligent Diagnostics GSM system automatically sends the information to our headquarters worldwide so we will know if there are any issues before they become problems.

• Control and Exchange through the Android OS and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection.

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