Battery Tester Active Load

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Battery Tester Active Load

•400 Watts continouse power

•800 Watts 60 seconds

•Voltage range 0.5V to 80V

•Accuracy voltage reading : 0.01V

•Accuracy voltage regulation : 0.1V

•Programable up to 20 step

•Programable up to 20 loop

•Load current rang : 0.5 A to 80 A

•Precision regulation : 0.1 • Time setting : 1sec to 100 hr

•Input voltage : 220 AC ± 10%

•Oprating temp.: Recommended under 35 C°

•Programable up to 1000 cycle

•Time setting : 1sec to 100 hr

•Software for PC

•Active load is a device that takes the constant current of any energy source such as a battery / power supply etc .

•This device has programmable load with an accuracy of 0.1 amps.

•The GBCeII Group has produced collection of products with different models from 0.5 A to 3000 mA

•Basis of the linear flow device (CC MODE) is fixed and the resistance is neither loaded nor with PWM

•ODE) is fixed and the resistance is neither loaded nor with PWM. The system is built entirely electronic with very precise and smooth flow (LOAD).

•Different application of this devices has capacity for testing all kinda batteries from Li-Ion, NiMH, Nicd and SLA and as well as power supplies.

•Software features includes: Displaying real-time testing as text and graphics and capabilities to store on computers.

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