Power Switch 40mmX5Omm

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Power 40mmX5Omm

•75A ,Up to 36V Fully Electronic Switch

•0.1 A Accuracy in 100A

•0.01 V Voltage Accuracy

•100~ -30 Temp Measure

•9-36V Power Supply

•1 to 36V Switch Input

•CAN BUS Command Professional configuration Software

Advantages :

•Vehicle Power Control and Monitor

•Rapid debugging and finding faulty unit

•System Power protection in Short Circuits

•Central Power Management Systems

•intelligent Power Management

High Current DC Switches :

•Parallelable up to 200A

•Up to 75A per individual switch

•Up to 36V operation Voltage

•Voltage, Current, Temp Measurement

•Configuration and Command over CAN Bus

•Android, Windows based control software

•Fail safe configuration operation

•Full Operation regardless of input Voltage Ultra Small Demotion (40mmX5Omm)

•Ultra Small Demotion (40mm*50mm)

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