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•Measures 8 to 24 cell voltages in series

• CAN, RS-232, USB Interface (Standalone mode)

•Data logging on SD card

•Voltage expandable on cell modules up to

•Additional Digital and Analog I/O 120 cell in series

•Battery Relay and pre-charge control

•Measures 1 to 24 cell temperatures

• Shunt current Sensor Monitoring (standalone)

•Hall effect current Sensor Monitoring

•Temp measurement expandable on cell

•12 — 60V Power Supply Input modules 24 per module

•Fault Management and Diagnostics

•12 — 108V Battery Packs for (standalone)

•Data Logging

•25 —500V Battery Packs with expansion

•Ultra-Low Power Dissipation modules

•Automotive Grade

•250mA Passive Cell Balancing

•State of Charge, State A Health, Capacity

•Cell over voltage, under voltage, and high temperature

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